polymath vs. philomath

After a career as an Applied Physicist working on Advanced Magnetic Memory Technology (Bit Patterned Media, Templated Growth PMR, Orthogonal ST-RAM), I wanted to try something else, get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. The turning point was Andrew Ng's class on Machine Learning: my very first MOOC class!! That was an eye-opening experience.
I applied machine learning to a variety of data modalities: housing statistics, images. In the last six months, I have been working on the technologies used in Self-Driving Cars, and developing pipelines for lane detection, behavioral cloning for predicting steering angle. And check out my autonomous RC car project: zePiCar.
In particular, I am interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence for Robotics.

Yet another blog!
I build this blog as a note keeper for projects, ideas, interesting technologies. I try to organize it the same way I would structure a scientific notebook: no superflue, just relevant info.

Machine Learning

A series of posts on topics ranging from predictive analytics to computer vision.


Sonic is a model RC car (1/10th scale) that I am building to explore and get hands-on some of the technologies that are used in self-driving cars.

DIY Hacks

Tips and hacks that I learned while doing some home improvement projects.

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